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Why should you invest in a

wedding videographer?


Have you been thinking about having a videographer for your wedding day, but are on the fence about it? Here's why you should seriously consider it.

  1. Audio. Audio is the most important aspect of a video, especially for a wedding. You'll get to watch back your entire ceremony and hear your vows, hear the speeches from your best man and maid of honor at the reception, maybe even hear what your partner says during your first look. That definitely can't be captured through just pictures.

  2. Movement. This one may sound obvious, but it is still important. While photos can capture movement as well, video captures everything in between like dances and cute/funny candid moments in between your posed pictures. There's just something unique about movement in a video as opposed to a still image.

  3. Vibes. While photos can capture the events of your wedding day, video captures what your wedding day FELT like. Music plays a huge part in that in my films. I always pay attention to the music that's played during the ceremony and reception and find music that is similar to incorporate into the video.

Why Burn Bright Productions? 

My goal as a wedding videographer is to not only document your wedding day as accurately as possible, but to also tell the story of the love between you and your partner. Every video of mine is different because every couple and every wedding is different. I focus on the sweet, candid moments in between photos that a photographer might miss. Again, music is an extremely important part of all of my wedding videos and is what makes every video unique. I use 3 camera angles and 2 lavalier mics (one for the officiant and one for the groom) during the ceremony to ensure that I won’t miss a single moment. I put hours of hard work into editing every video to make something that you will love to watch again and again for years to come. As a recent bride myself, I understand the stresses of planning a wedding and take that into consideration when I'm working with clients. I want to be one less thing for you to worry about on your big day. I would be honored to be your wedding videographer! 


Packages and Prices

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Ceremony Only


Includes a minimum of 1 hour of coverage with 15 minutes of set up time required.

*For ceremonies 30 minutes or less. Call for a quote for longer ceremonies.

Screen Shot 2023-01-01 at 9.18.58 PM.png

Half Day


4 hours of coverage

Highlight video


Teaser trailer

Bride and groom running off into the sunset, Hunter and Morgan

Full Day


8 hours of coverage

Highlight video


Teaser trailer


Can be added to any package!


Additional hour of coverage ($125)

Reception speeches ($300)

Reception dances ($300)

*Travel fee applies to weddings outside of Louisville area


We couldn’t decide if videography was something that was important to us for our wedding. I love Hannah’s work with Burn Bright Productions, so we went with a simple package. After watching the highlight video on repeat and crying our eyes out, we can for sure say it was worth every penny. Working with Hannah was such a joy. She’s so friendly and easygoing. And she was able to capture so many beautiful candid moments that showed us together in a way that’s totally different than photography. If you’re on the fence about videography, do it, and use Burn Bright Productions.

Let's make your wedding day amazing!

Fill out the contact form to schedule a free consultation to chat with Hannah about your wedding day and what you're looking for in a wedding video. Serious inquiries only!


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