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Why You Should Hire a Wedding Videographer

Updated: Feb 6

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Have you been thinking about having a videographer for your wedding day, but don't know if you really want a wedding video? Here's why you should seriously consider it.

While videography is not in everyone's budget, there are still several advantages to hiring one if you choose to do so. And I know hearing this coming from a wedding videographer might sound biased, but there's so much that video can provide that pictures alone can not.

  1. Audio. Audio is the most important aspect of a video, especially for a wedding. You'll get to watch back your entire ceremony and hear your vows, hear the speeches from your best man and maid of honor at the reception, maybe even hear what your partner says during your first look. That definitely can't be captured through just pictures.

  2. Movement. This one may sound obvious, but it is still important. While photos can capture movement as well, video captures everything in between like dances and cute/funny candid moments in between your posed pictures. There's just something unique about movement in a video as opposed to a still image.

  3. Vibes. While photos can capture the events of your wedding day, video captures what your wedding day FELT like. Music plays a huge part in that in my films. I always pay attention to the music that's played during the ceremony and reception and find music that is similar for the video. I recently filmed a wedding that had a lot of jazz music in their reception, so I incorporated a fun jazzy song for the reception part of their video.

If any of these reasons stick out to you and are things that you want captured on your big day, I highly recommend hiring a wedding videographer. If you're still on the fence about it, I'd love to have a chat to see if a videographer is something you truly want!

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