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2024: The Year of Burn Bright Productions

2023 was the best year Burn Bright Productions has ever had. For context, I officially started my business in January of 2020 (what a rough year to start a business, am I right?). For obvious reasons, I only filmed 1 wedding and had a couple other small projects the entire year. Every year since then, my business has grown a little bit at a time, but 2023 was my best year by far. I filmed 7 weddings, a music video, 3 band promo videos (2 of which will be coming very soon), produced 2 podcasts, made videos for an author, and so much more. I'm very proud of everything that I have accomplished last year, but this year will be even better!

This year, I want to film at least 10 weddings (I've already been booked for 6!), 2 music videos, 3 band promo videos (2 are currently in the editing process so I'm hoping to work with one more new band this year, as well as working again with the bands I made videos for last year), grow my social media following by posting more reels/shorts/tik toks on a regular basis, figure out how to sell stock footage as passive income, be more consistent with this blog (I wrote maybe 3 blog posts last year and that is not okay), and FINALLY make a new demo reel because the last one I made is from 2021 so it's severely outdated.

The long term goal for me is to turn Burn Bright Productions from my part time job to my full time job. 2023 proved to me that I can make this a reality one day, and the steps I'm making in 2024 will help me get there. Thank you to everyone who supported me this past year! I hope you stick around to see what I make in 2024!

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