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Why Your Band Needs a Video

Looking for a way to market your band? A music video or a band promotional video is a great place to start!

What exactly is a "promotional video"? A promo video is perfect for gigging bands looking to book more shows. It's essentially a highlight video with live footage over recorded audio so you get the look of a live show, but polished audio to ensure that the band sounds its best. Bands can post promo videos on social media to build an audience, and share it with venues to give a taste of their performance and give them a reason to book them at that venue. Having a professional promo video for your band is a great marketing tool that will guarantee more gigs.

Another awesome marketing tool for bands is music videos. Music videos are the perfect visual accompaniment for original songs. They don't have to be super high budget as long as they're creative and fun to watch while also telling the story of the song through visuals.

As someone who grew up surrounded by live music culture because of my dad being in bands and having a recording studio in our house since I was a kid, I love being able to help local musicians, and the best way I know how is through video. With the popularity and priority of video over pictures on social media, videos are such a powerful marketing tool in today's world. I'd love to help your band and provide you with a killer video that will bring more awareness to your music and bring more people to your shows!

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