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Concert Photography: Capturing the Magic of Concerts


I think I've figured out what I want to do with my life: be a concert photographer. Music has always been a huge part of my life. My dad, Phil Bright, is an insanely good guitar player, he owns and operates his own recording studio, and has made music his career. I also play a few instruments and sing (I'm very rusty now though), and my husband has a band that I do pictures and videos for.

With my love of music also comes my love for concerts. There's something truly magical about concerts. The electric energy of the crowd, the butterflies in your stomach before the band walks out on stage, screaming when they play your favorite song and crying when they play the song that got you through a tough time. There's nothing like seeing your favorite band live. Mine is Twenty One Pilots. I've seen them 5 times since 2016 and it's simply not enough. If I could go to a Twenty One Pilots show once a month, I absolutely would. They put on a great show every single time. They're incredibly entertaining and they do things that you usually don't see other artists do live. I'd love to be a photographer for them someday!

To be able to capture the magic of concerts through pictures is such a fun experience. I've done concert photography for a few local bands around Louisville such as Radiotronic, FM502, Saxony, and the Julie Baker Project, but I'm looking for more! If you're in a band and have a gig coming up soon, I'd love to be there to take some photos for you!

My dad, Phil Bright, in his band FM502
My husband, Max Will, playing live with his band Saxony

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